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Parenting Beyond the Couple Norm

Saturday 11th February, 11am – 1pm, BASE Library

Do you parent or want to parent beyond the couple norm? With more than 2 adults? With a friend? As a single parent? Do you believe it takes a village to raise a child? Are you raising children in a multi-generational household? Does the typical nuclear family model of parenting seem to be lonely and not enough support and adult company? What might be possible and what are the challenges?

Queer, polyamorous and all other identities welcome.


Conflict Club

Thursday 2nd of February, 6:30 – 8:30, BASE Events Room.

A peer organised meet-up to explore practical conflict navigation and support skills using discussion, role-play, theatre of the oppressed and other tools. ⚙️🤔👌

Are you

  •  involved in supporting and navigating conflicts in your community? 
  • interested in transformative approaches to conflict?
  • curious about how we can use embodied learning to connect the theory to our everyday lived experience?
  • keen to develop your skills and awareness in this area?

Come along! This is an experimental space, and we will develop group agreements around confidentiality, care for each other, and care for our communities. This is not a formal training space which will ‘qualify’ you for mediation or other conflict support work. It is also not a space where you will be able to receive advice for specific conflict situations.  We hope it will be a regular reflective, supportive space where people with a range of backgrounds and approaches can learn from each other and develop ideas and skills in community.

We first met in October 2022, and here’s some notes from that session and resources that might help you figure out what we’re about…