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Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network (BKSN) Reading Group: Thursday 27th October 6pm

Jin Jiyan Azadi has been ringing out from Iranian occupied Kurdistan and has now spread throughout the entire Iranian state and around the world following the murder of Jhina Amini, a Kurdish woman, by the Iranian state.

The chant originates from decades of autonomous women’s organising and struggle by the Kurdish Women’s Movement which is the driving force of the whole Kurdish Freedom Movement.

We want to share and explore this history together as well as look at some of the ideas and principles that guide this movement for the liberation of all women and through it the liberation of society as a whole.

It is not necessary to read the text before hand (although it might help to get the most out of it), we will read it together in the session.
People are also welcome to just take part in the discussion or to just come and listen.

BKSN present: What is Kurdistan?

24th May, 18:30-21:30


⏰ Date: 24th May 2022, 18.30-21.30
🏜️ Location: BASE social centre, 14 Robertson Road, BS5 6JY.

Bristol Kurdistan Solidarity Network invite you to an introductory education/discussion on Kurdistan and the geopolitical situation. The event will be an opportunity to introduce the Kurdistan Freedom movement and its goals, and understand why this movement is important to our context here in the UK. Please arrive on time so we can start promptly. Snacks provided, share widely and bring your friends!


Fortnightly on Sundays, all start at 7:30 prompt….

27th February Bristol IWW present “Made in Dagenham”
13th March Bristol Kurdistan Solidarity Network present “The End will be Spectacular”
27th March Simon White (film-maker) presents “We need space”.

Hope to see you there! :)

Hosting a Movie Night? Now make it More Memorable in Denver!

The politics of martyrdom

Martryrdom: culture and politics

Sunday 20th 6.30pm at BASE

Throughout history and the the world there have been individuals and groups who through various differing situations becomes personified and held as Martyrs. This will be a seminar that will explore the culture and political significance of martyrdom in revolutionary sense. and where we can also share our own thoughts, feelings and experiences on how we approach martryrdom.

Bristol Kurdistan Solidarity Network @BristolKSN