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Black History month

Here’s links to organisations and events this month promoting a deeper understanding of Black history and struggles as well as providing opportunities for learning how we can all play a part in unlearning racism and dismantling White supremacy. It’s all of our responsibility. There are awesome, hard working organisations putting these events on and they need our support and involvement.





White supremacy comedown!

Get in the sea, Colston!

What a people’s history moment! Talk about making a splash! Full respect and solidarity to all Black Lives Matter demonstrators and Colston statue topplers! White supremacy must fall. So good to see so many thousands on the streets and such euphoric and determined direct action. Here was a crowd that knew what needed to be done. One down, lots more to go…Next!

Here’s some advice from Bristol Defendant Solidarity to stay safe and free and look after each other as the forces of reaction and authority prepare for punishment and revenge:

“So after the righteous toppling of Colston’s statue yesterday the police have said they are investigating footage of Colston’s come down with a view to making arrests. It may well be, in the context and in view of the levels of popular support for the action, that they are not actually prepared to follow through. But we think it’s definitely best to be prepared and take steps to minimise risk of arrests and court cases. So here’s a few bits of advice we feel it’s really useful and important to circulate right now to help keep people safe and free. Please share widely.


Advice for people present or involved in the take down of Colston:

Don’t panic, and don’t hand yourself in.

You will get solid support and solidarity from Bristol Black Lives Matter, Bristol Defendant Solidarity and a lot of good people on your side and on the right side of history.

Get rid of clothes (including shoes) you were wearing at the scene. Don’t chat publicly about your, or anyone else’s involvement.

Keep all stories and accounts off social media and the internet. Encourage others to do the same.

If you are contacted by the police for any reason, answer ‘no comment’ to all questions. Even in informal conversations, and even if you feel that what you are saying will make them realise they have the wrong person. You have a right to silence, and speaking puts you and others at risk. Get support for your ‘no comment’ by using your right to free legal advice at the police station.

Ask for HJA of London or Kellys of Brighton as these are experienced protest solicitors who will be best able to guide you. Don’t use the duty solicitor or accept a Caution.

Read up on your rights if arrested in more detail here:

Have these numbers ready to call if the police arrive (you can assign to speed dial on your phone to allow for a quick call if needed): Kelly’s solicitors – 01273 674 898 Bristol Defendant Solidarity – 07510283424

For everyone else:

Don’t identify anyone you know in photos or footage of the toppling of Colston.

Don’t speculate or chat about who you think people might be.

Keep all stories and accounts off social media and the internet. Encourage others to do the same.

Thanks for having each others backs.

Solidarity with the uprisings in U.S.

Anarchists and antifascists in Bristol send love, respect and solidarity to all those involved in the uprisings across the US of white supremacy. Your rage, courage and solidarity is an inspiration to us all. We share the same enemies and the same struggles. Stay strong, keep fighting and never give up until white supremacy and it’s racist, brutal protectors are destroyed. Make the cops pay and make the police history. Remember you will never walk alone! All strength to all the comrades on the streets.
In solidarity and with love and rage,
some Bristol anarchists and antifascists.

For up to date reports and analysis of the situation stateside:



Black lives matter bristol demo

This Sunday 7th June, join the Bristol demo in solidarity with all those fighting back against white supremacy and the racist, brutal and murderous police in the U.S and worldwide.

From the facebook event:

“7th June
13:00- Speakers and information stations
14:00- Protest moves
In alignment with the protests in the USA and the London BLM protest, we want to hold a protest in Bristol for the vile killings of black people and those harmed by the police.
If you are in Bristol- or Bath and any other neighbouring cities- please come to College Green at 1PM 7th June.
This is a peaceful protest- we will not condone or participate in violence.
Please bring masks, gloves, food, water, none recognisable clothes and anything to keep yourself safe.”

Rest in power george floyd – FTP

We send solidarity and strength to all the people on the streets of Minneapolis and everywhere fighting back against racist, killer cops and the murderous system they protect. We will remember the killing of George Floyd and add it to our rage. Time and time again and all over the world these uniformed murderers get impunity in the courts but they will never get off so lightly on the streets. We have to make them pay.

For up to date info on the rage and revolt in Minneapolis check out Unicorn Riot, It’s Going Down twitter and facebook. Here’s a report of the uprising in Minneapolis.

And here’s an article showing clearly how it is never about “a few bad apples”. You cannot reform the police just like you cannot reform capitalism. Both are racist and murderous to the core. Both are our enemies and they both have to be destroyed.