Breakfast Dosas

Warning – give yourself plenty of time to do this if you haven’t cooked it before!

Serves about 6 Serves about 42 Serves about 120
Item Amount Amount Amount Preparation/notes
Chickpea flour 400 ml 2.8 litres 8 litres
Rice flour 200 ml 1.4 litres 4 litres
Water 600 ml 3 litres 12 litres
Cumin seed (optional) 1 tablespoon 7 tablespoons 20 tablespoons Toasted off in a frying pan until they pop, then left to cool.
Vegetable oil coat bottom of pan coat bottom of pan(s) coat bottom of pan(s)
Salt to taste to taste to taste

This is a very simple gluten-free batter, developed to got with an Anglo Indian Breakfast at Kebele, but with a little imagination could be used for all sorts of meals.
You can make it a bit more substantial by adding pre-cooked vegetables into the mix (for example fried onions or roast Mediterranean vegetables).
Pop the flours, cumin and water in a bowl and whisk until you get a smooth batter with no lumps.
Leave to rest for about half any hour or so, season then give it a quick whisk.
Warm a frying pan, then add oil.
When the oil is hot, pop a ladle full of the mix in and spread it round the pan.
When solid enough flip over and cook t’other side through.
Dosas can be eaten straight away, racked up to warm in the oven, or eaten cold.

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