Australian Crunch Cake

Australian Crunch
(makes 50)

30oz (875g) marg
20oz (550g) wholemeal flour
20oz (550g) raw cane sugar
15oz (375g) desiccated coconut
7.5oz (200g)cornflakes
5oz (125g) cocoa or 2.5oz (65g carob)
cocoa and icing sugar to make chocolate icing

1.melt the marg
2.add remaining ingredients into a greased tin and bake at GM4 / 180’C / 350’F for 25-30mins (NB: check after 20mins) in tin with a thin layer of chocolate icing, not to hard and not to runny!
6.allow to set and cut into squares

NB: Should fit 2 large Kebele Cake tins

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