Contact/Book a Room

Contact:  BASE Community Co-operative
14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY
Email – basesocialcentre[at]

Room/Space & Facility Hire:
BASE social centre has various rooms/spaces that are available to be used by individuals & groups/campaigns. Typical hires include meetings; workshops & talks; benefit cafes; film nights; gatherings; small parties (birthdays, handfastings); banner making; writing letters to prisoners; open mic nights; and so on.

Facilities available at BASE include the kitchen & cooking equipment; cafe/event space for up to 50 people seated; individual rooms holding from 6 to 35 people; plus…film projector & screen, free Wi-fi, toilets, hot drinks (50p a cup). Full details are in the Room User Agreement.

Please note
that BASE is a vegan space, and there is NO bar.
Our ground floor is wheelchair accessible and there is one ground floor accessible toilet. Up the stairs are 2 more toilets. All toilets are gender neutral.

Each request for room use is considered separately, here’s some basic criteria to bear in mind. For example – your event should be not-for-profit (or at least a benefit!); nobody can be turned away due to lack of money; it shouldn’t contravene any of BASE’s Principles; it shouldn’t cause a nuisance to our neighbours.

The Booking Process
– Please make your booking request at least 5 days before the event after following steps 1 to 6 below.
– All bookings should be made via the online Booking Form below, BUT if you can’t use that form you can email basesocialcentre[at] giving the required info detailed on the form in the Room User Agreement.

1. Check our Events List for your date(s) to see what spaces available.
2. Read the ‘Base Room User Agreement’ and complete the online Booking Form below in FULL (or apply by email). Allow 4 days for a response – then chase by email if needed.

The Room User Agreement, updated in 2023, includes full details of facilities available, the costs of hire in full, some basic rules, and our BASE Anti-Oppression Statement.
Open/download the Room User Agreement here:
Base-room-user-agreement (open office format)
Base-room-user-agreement (pdf)

3. Room/Space hire costs in brief are: £5 to £10 per hour for any space; and minimum £10 per hour for kitchen hire (bring your own foodstuffs).
4. You will receive an email response asap (within 4 days). This may ask for further info; and/or confirm booking and give instructions for payment; and cover getting access to the building for your event (via a Keyholder).
5. Payment – (A) ‘Pay As You Go’: means paying for each hire, preferably in Advance via Bank Transfer; OR on the day via cash in a marked envelope through office door on 1st floor.
Payment – (B) ‘User Group status’: is agreed in advance and means you make a labour contribution in lieu of payment. Contact us by email for more info on this.
6. Online Booking Form – complete the form below with as much detail as possible. Thank you!

    Time start and end:


    Poster for event (optional, 100kb or less please)

    How will you pay?

    Reminder – if you haven’t had a reply within 4 days of submitting the Booking Form please email basesocialcentre[at] to chase your booking stating date submitted.

    You can download this Booking Process in brief here:
    Base_space hire process (pdf)

    Base for Anarchy & Solidarity in Easton