Cheap, delicious vegan food
The BASE cafe has been providing affordable, delicious, vegan food to the local community since 1995. We believe in providing a space for people to get together and share food in a non-commercial environment. The café is run entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. Thanks to everyone who volunteers to keep us going!

In 2009 we renovated the kitchen to a professional standard and now it is a much easier place to work in! We have also renovated the storeroom that has a stock of staple ingredients that are clearly labeled and easy to find.
keb_cafe_foodThe cafe side of BASE is administered by the Cafe Collective. We are an open, non-hierarchical group and we would love for you to join! If you are interested in cooking and want to join the collective, then email basecafe[at] or come to our meeting.

The BASE Cafe also provides catering for local community events. If you would like to know more,email us.

Opening Hours
The Sunday Social 6:30-9pm

Keb_cafeSuggested donation of £2.50 for dinner, £1 for pudding and 50p for drinks.
The BASE Cafe serves a single vegan meal (rather than a menu). This usually includes a starter, main course & pudding/cake. Get there early to be guaranteed a meal – sometimes we get very busy and, as it’s usually delicious, it can go pretty quickly!

At the moment, we open every Sunday evening, but we would like to open more often – other campaigns & groups run fundraising cafes and small benefits, but there is room for more! Ideas being discussed are: opening for breakfast on a Sunday morning; and on a weekday evening, possibly for a fund-raising benefit evening and film night. If you are involved in any campaign and would like to raise some funds by running a café at BASE, email us at

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