Portion Sizes

Grains: 60-100g per person per meal

Couscous/bulgur: 2.5kg will do 30-40 people per meal

Pasta: 125g per person per meal

Dried beans: 80-100g per person per meal

Veg in a main meal: 250g per person per meal (so, if it’s mainly potatoes and

carrots – say 150g potatoes plus 100g carrots per person)

Tomato puree: 7 × 200g double concentrate tubes for a sauce for 40– or,
1 large size catering tin (usually 900g). A bit less if you’re
using chopped tomatoes too.

Lettuce: 1 iceberg for 10 portions of green salad, a bit less for other lettuces

Cabbage: 50g per person per portion of cabbage salad or cabbage side dish

Cucumber: 1 cucumber will make a salad for 6-8 people

Vegan sausages: 1.25kg sosmix will make @ 50 sausages (not huge ones)

Dressing: 500 mls vinaigrette dressing for a salad for @ 50 people (more if a potato/
bean salad)

Base for Anarchy & Solidarity in Easton