Looking for new or alternative information, news & ideas? Can’t find any in the high street bookshops & newsagents? Then come on down to BASE’s infoshop for something different – freethinking independent media publications & mags, plus a range of books covering everything from historical texts & testimonies to modern day polemics & DIY handbooks. We also have loads of badges, music, stickers, t-shirts & patches, and a wall full of FREE INFO on local and national events, campaigns & networks. Pop in – whenever BASE is open: Sunday dinner, bike workshop, or during any other event, meeting or activity.

The infoshop is a not for profit collective based at BASE social centre. Our aim is to contribute to the spreading of radical ideas & action through the distribution of progressive political, anti-capitalist & anarchist literature and associated merchandise. In a time of relentless government double-speak & spin, and systematic mass media truth manipulation, we recognize the need to answer their lies and counter their misinformation. As we buy in bulk, and are unpaid volunteers, we are able to keep publications & merchandise affordable & accessible across a wide range of subjects – from anti-fascism to the Zapatistas, faraway rebels to European anarchists, permaculture & vegan cooking to actions against austerity, the G8/9/20 & climate change.

BASE has always provided alternative information. The infoshop collective was set up after the demise of Greenleaf Books in 2005. The bookshop has been open since then. Our free info racks accept contributions from individuals & groups with a commitment to progressive politics, radical change and non-hierarchical ways of organising.

Opening times
Whenever BASE is open for cafe, meetings, events etc – see events calendar.
Stalls at other events by arrangement – invite us along!

Get involved!
If you are into radical books & merchandise, and spreading the word, get involved with the infoshop. Join the collective and help out in whatever ways you can, from accounting to stock sorting, or from publicising to taking stalls to events.
We meet monthly at BASE, or come and ask for an infoshop collective member at BASE. We’re usually not far away!

Email us at Cheers!

Base for Anarchy & Solidarity in Easton