Accountability and Conflict Resolution Processes

Has someone made you feel unsafe at BASE or within the wider BASE community?
Do you feel unable to talk to that person directly?

BASE has a survivor-led Accountability Policy and a Conflict Resolution Process that we are happy to facilitate with your guidance. Read them in full here Base Accountability and Conflict Resolution Process (opens as an 18 page pdf)

If you wish, your complaint will be kept confidential and your identity secret as far as we are able to do so.

If you have been subjected to violence, sexual assault or sexual harassment, the perpetrator will be asked not to use BASE while the process is ongoing. If they are a member/user of BASE, their ability to use the space will be suspended until the matter is resolved. The process will be survivor-led, you will be able to choose a mediator and you will not be expected to see or speak with your attacker if you do not wish to do so.

If you feel the issue is more of a personal conflict than assault we encourage both/all parties to engage with our Conflict Resolution process, and we will provide mediation if required.

Please contact basesocialcentre[at] if you wish to pursue either process.

BASE Aims to be a Safer Space
A safer space is somewhere that has an agreement listing the behaviours that its users have collectively decided they won’t tolerate in that space. It is a space where people can feel that they’re less likely to face violence, harassment, intimidation or bullying, and will be supported in confronting these behaviours if they experience them.

We name these behaviours in the Anti-Oppression/Safer Spaces Agreement so that we have an agreement on what we can feel justified in challenging, so that anybody challenging these behaviours doesn’t have to feel alone or risk dismissal of their concerns, and so that those who might be tempted to use these behaviours as a shortcut to making their point will think twice about the possible negative consequences.

BASE’s Anti-Oppression/Safer Spaces Agreement can be found online here.

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