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How to shut down a gas fired power station

Come and join Bristol Rising Tide this Sunday 3rd November for a relaxed evening of food and talks. We will be running the B.A.S.E. Sunday Kitchen, serving delicious vegan food from 6.30pm, followed by talks and information about the current situation with gas-fired power stations in the UK.


-Learn about how this links to the proposed new gas plant at Drax which has just been given the green light by government, despite objections from the Planning Inspectorate due to concerns around climate change.

-Come and find out more about an action in July where activists shut down the construction site of a proposed new gas power station.including information about the ongoing fundraiser to cover costs (chuffed.org/project/support-gas-activists)

Food is on a donations basis (~£2.50 for starter & main, ~£1 pudding, ~50p drinks). We will also be selling t-shirts to help raise money towards the costs of the action in July, so bring along some spare cash if possible to grab yourself one of those! The fundraiser for the July action is here: chuffed.org/project/support-gas-activists

Kebele – this is Ourstory

We’ve been banging on for a while now about our NovemberFest, celebrating our 20th anniversary, so here is OurStory

Kebele is based at 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY, and since 1995 has provided space for the development of anarchist & radical ideas and activities, community campaigns, and international solidarity.

Kebele means “community place” or “neighbourhood” in Amharic, an Ethiopian language. The term refers to localised community institutions, which dealt with their own needs & concerns, such as justice, health and community democracy.  During the revolution in Grenada in 1979, Rastafarians involved in the struggle used the term “kebele” to refer to the community centres in each neighbourhood from which, in theory at least, the revolution was based. In 1983, the USA invaded the tiny island of Grenada to crush the rebellion.

The founders of Kebele were inspired by these meanings of the word, and current members are too.

The Squat and Kebele Kulture Projekt (KKP)
Kebele_frontKebele started as an empty building that was squatted in autumn 1995 to provide housing for four homeless activists. It quickly mutated into something bigger out of a need to defy the owners (a bank) and authorities seeking to evict them, and inspired by European social spaces there was a desire to create a self-managed space for local individuals, campaigns & projects. Continue reading Kebele – this is Ourstory

Nov/Fest – 4th weekend – workshops, music, food and film!

There’s a packed lineup at Kebele social centre as our NovemberFest hits it’s 4th weekend, with plenty more to come!

As well as the ‘Libres’ performance on Friday 13th at 7pm, and the participatory workshop ‘Songs & stories of resistance’ on Sunday 15th from 1-5pm (details of both here), here’s what else is on, plus at the end we have a few date changes: Continue reading Nov/Fest – 4th weekend – workshops, music, food and film!

NovemberFest – weekend events!

Keb_pinktree_monthSMNovemberFest runs into its 3rd weekend, and its a relatively quiet one – but there’s still lots on and 4 more weekends to go! It’s probably a good thing we’re only 20 years old, or we’d just not have the stamina to last til the end.

So welcome to Kebele social centre, and our 20th anniversary celebration of our ongoing anarchist experiment. Continue reading NovemberFest – weekend events!