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Bristol sisterhood meetings

Come join Bristol Sisterhood in our next meetings on Monday, 2nd and Thursday 19th of December, 6pm at Base Cafe in Easton! We will discuss new agenda for future events and activism!

💜Open to women, trans and non binary people💜

We welcome new participants with fresh ideas! Our mission is to combat violence against women, break down stereotypes and fight sexism!!


As we progress with our Anti-Harassment Campaign, Bristol Sisterhood is organizing a great event to raise awareness about the campaign we have been working on lately and oficially invite other members of collectives to join forces! We’re hoping this Social gathering will bring more invididuals together, who share similar beliefs and want to make a change.


Saturday, 16th of November, 4 pm, at Base Cafe, Roberston Road, Easton.


– Screening of our latest Campaign Video filmed in Bristol by our very-talented group
– Various dynamics and debates on the Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the city we live in
– Crafts: Banner and Stencil Making
– Vegan Dinner specially prepared by us * ( Suggested Donation £4 which will be used towards our campaign)
– Networking & discussion

4.00 warm welcome (tea or coffee self-service)
4:20pm Presentation and games
5:30pm Screening (3 short films and our video campaign) and debate
6.30 pm Banner making (discussion and creativity session).
7.30pm Vegan dinner

This event gives us the opportunity to showcast our video, to meet other individuals, but this is also a way to educate ourselves more about the current climate of the issues we are facing in our most loved city, Bristol and beyond! We feel that we need to talk more about harassment and sexual violence and raise awareness amongst communities!

This event is also a “warm-up” before Reclaim the night!, where we will march together with other collectives to peacefully protest against Sexual Harassment, Domestic Abuse and Gender Violence!

Please, also see event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/398022784417912/