Everyday anarchism – Scott Branson

Scott Branson, author of Practical Anarchism is going to be facilitating a conversation on anarchist alternatives to major structures in our lives like work, education, policing, health and laws and representative democracy.

Daily Anarchism, or Bringing the Revolution Off the Street

Many of us have experienced that in the intensity of facing off against the violent forces of the state during street protest, one may form bonds of solidarity and clear space for a vision of a new world. But what happens after? How can we perpetuate a social revolution into our daily lives? These are questions that abolitionists, anarchists, feminists, and queer radicals have been asking, speaking from a place of desire to live more fully in those moments. An everyday anarchism helps us rethink what revolution and transformation can be, starting with our relationships and activities. It doesn’t matter if we smash the state but still can’t take care of ourselves or one another. Looking at how the ingrained state logics silence or erase the ways of organizing our lives that are easier and make more sense, we can see how we can prepare ourselves for liberation.