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Stand With The #Bristol7 – Stop Arming Israel

Solidarity with the #Bristol7 defendants – on trial for smashing into the Bristol HQ of Israel’s largest weapons firm, Elbit.
#ShutElbitDown now!

Turn out in solidarity with Palestine and the #Bristol7 from the 8th January to 9th February (with a week’s break from the 22nd January) – bring flags, keffiyahs, and friends to Bristol Crown Court (9 Small St, Bristol BS1 1DB) from 9am each day outside, and help pack out the court public area inside each day.
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Read here about Palestine Action’s Smash Bristol Elbit Action back on 15 May 2022.

As Palestinians in Gaza are facing genocide and the complete devastation of their homes and communities, the British state is prosecuting seven activists who took action to disrupt Israel’s weapons trade. May 15th annually marks the day of the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ – the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948, which saw 800,000 Palestinians displaced and over 500 towns destroyed – on this day in 2022, the seven entered and occupied the Bristol HQ of ‘Elbit Systems’, Israel’s largest weapons company.

Right now, Elbit weapons are being used to destroy Gaza and slaughter its population. By hosting Elbit in this country, we are complicit in Israel’s crimes, and the seven acted on their duty to #ShutElbitDown.
They’ll be entering Court to show that Elbit is guilty, not the Palestine Action activists standing against them.

Stop Arming Israel Now – find out about UK businesses & subsidaries that are arming Israel in this Corporate Watch report.

FYI: Legal Info and Protest Advice

The last two years have seen an increasing assualt on our rights to protest as the Tory Government clamps down on dissent of just about any kind, and is trying to ciminalise almost every action.

They’ve introduced four new Laws which sit alongside or on top of Laws from previous Governments. The new Laws are:
Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Act 2022 (PCSC)
Public Order Act 2023 (POA)
National Security Act 2023 (NSA – Law in July, many Sections in force from end October)
Strikes (Minimum Service Level) Act 2023 (Law in July, service levels being negotiated)

Even the most hardened Legal Support activists will only know the key, or worst, Sections of these Laws – but it’s worthwhile everybody getting as clued up as they can. So a few local legal activists have sat down and compiled a list of links to the best legal guides, explainers, rights info, bustcards and legal activist websites; plus some basic ‘protest advice’ for you to consider when going on a protest/action.

They’re all gathered together in this pdf below: Legal info Protest advice_Dec23
Just click on the links in the guide, and read away!

And remember – Our Best Defence Is Our Collective Power!