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Protest, police and the law (10 March)

7pm Tuesday 10th March. A talk and workshop designed to help keep you safe and effective whilst protesting, and full of advice that also transfers well to non-protest interactions with the police.

What can the police order you to do?

What are your rights when stopped and searched?

When are your risking arrest – and what happens if you are arrested?

Built on legal advice from activist groups and legal firms, along with decades of shared real experience interacting with the police. This should be of use to everyone. From protest organisers, to people looking to attend their first demonstration.

Useful if you are planning on attending events such as our climate action https://www.facebook.com/events/232166077919459/ or this upcoming anti-arms trade action https://www.facebook.com/events/2980689138642911/

Hosted by Green Anticapitalist Front.

Event page here.

How to shut down a gas fired power station

Come and join Bristol Rising Tide this Sunday 3rd November for a relaxed evening of food and talks. We will be running the B.A.S.E. Sunday Kitchen, serving delicious vegan food from 6.30pm, followed by talks and information about the current situation with gas-fired power stations in the UK.


-Learn about how this links to the proposed new gas plant at Drax which has just been given the green light by government, despite objections from the Planning Inspectorate due to concerns around climate change.

-Come and find out more about an action in July where activists shut down the construction site of a proposed new gas power station.including information about the ongoing fundraiser to cover costs (chuffed.org/project/support-gas-activists)

Food is on a donations basis (~£2.50 for starter & main, ~£1 pudding, ~50p drinks). We will also be selling t-shirts to help raise money towards the costs of the action in July, so bring along some spare cash if possible to grab yourself one of those! The fundraiser for the July action is here: chuffed.org/project/support-gas-activists