Parenting Beyond the Couple Norm

Saturday 11th February, 11am – 1pm, BASE Library

Do you parent or want to parent beyond the couple norm? With more than 2 adults? With a friend? As a single parent? Do you believe it takes a village to raise a child? Are you raising children in a multi-generational household? Does the typical nuclear family model of parenting seem to be lonely and not enough support and adult company? What might be possible and what are the challenges?

Queer, polyamorous and all other identities welcome.


10th of February 2023, 7pm – midnight, BASE Events Room.

docu screening – talks – merch stand

Join us for an evening of screenings and talks with no border activists from Poland and Germany

Our group put together a documentary in the summer presenting testimony from people attempting to reach Europe through Poland’s heavily militarized border zone and activists challenging the border with clandestine shelter and passage.

After more than one year from the beginning of the, so called,”migrant crisis” on the Poland-Belarus border we want to share our experiences and collectively reflect on the necessity for an internationalist mobilization against border regimes.

The crossings are still happening, and we are working to keep the financial solidarity flowing so funds raised will support with actions including gas for cars, safehouse hosting costs, phones, legal and medical support for people on the move.

We made cool scarfs, t-shirts and socks to fundraise for the cause !!!!

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Here’s a blurb for the documentary:

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Solidarity and Hidden Resistance in the Polish-Belarussian Woods

Seven months before Ukraine’s mass exodus to the EU, a humanitarian crisis of a different nature was already taking place at the edge of Fortress Europe. Where on one side refugees are met with unanticipated generosity, 100 km further North, Poland is constructing a border wall through Europe’s oldest natural forest to prevent the “wrong refugees“ from crossing. Many have frozen to death in the forest, been abused by border guards or pushed back to Belarus countless times. Polish activists supporting people in the emergency state zone, where human rights observers, journalists and humanitarian aid are forbidden, are massively criminalized. In a documentary filmed in June 2022, refugees and activists who uphold these hidden structures of solidarity talk about their experiences and the difficult work that needs to be done regardless.

Entry: pay as you feel, all donations will go towards direct actions ongoing at this border.