Tea and Type Tuesday with Adblock

Tuesday 25th, 6:30-9:30 Library

Adblock Bristol are running a ‘Tea and Type’ to lodge as many objections as possible to BT’s applications for new advertising spaces in Bristol.

BT have started submitting applications for new ‘Street Hubs’, across the city. Some are in place of old phone boxes, but many would be new, and just like Clear Channel’s bus stop ad screens, use crazy amounts of electricity and shine all day and night. Lucky us.

BUT, have hope, because through Bristol City Council’s planning portal, Adblock Bristol has wielded the mighty keyboard to get multiple (70-something and counting) digital ad spaces rejected by the Council’s planning officers and councillors.

We’ll be in BASE’s library on Tuesday the 25th of October to get as many objections under our belts before our brains go fuzzy. If it isn’t something you’ve ever done before, come along anyway and we’ve got lots of helpful tips. It’s a surprisingly effective form of anti-capitalist activism. There will be tea.