How to shut down a gas fired power station

Come and join Bristol Rising Tide this Sunday 3rd November for a relaxed evening of food and talks. We will be running the B.A.S.E. Sunday Kitchen, serving delicious vegan food from 6.30pm, followed by talks and information about the current situation with gas-fired power stations in the UK.

-Learn about how this links to the proposed new gas plant at Drax which has just been given the green light by government, despite objections from the Planning Inspectorate due to concerns around climate change.

-Come and find out more about an action in July where activists shut down the construction site of a proposed new gas power station.including information about the ongoing fundraiser to cover costs (

Food is on a donations basis (~£2.50 for starter & main, ~£1 pudding, ~50p drinks). We will also be selling t-shirts to help raise money towards the costs of the action in July, so bring along some spare cash if possible to grab yourself one of those! The fundraiser for the July action is here:

Rojava solidarity demo at BAe

This Friday (25th October)

Join us at the gates of BAE and MBDA to demand an end to the supply of arms to the fascist Turkish State.

Golf Course Lane, Filton, BS34 7QS
Workers arrive early and we want them to hear what we have to say.

At 4pm on October 9th, the Turkish occupation army and its Islamist allies began their long-prepared war of aggression against the liberated areas of northern Syria. Turkish military forces have carried out serious violations and war crimes, including summary killings and unlawful attacks that have killed and injured civilians. BAE and MBDA, with offices in Bristol, supply arms to Turkey.

In 2017, BAE agreed a £100 million deal with the Turkish Air Force to develop a new fighter jet. Theresa May signed a special export license to ease the process of selling these weapons to Turkey. In January 2018, a deal was finalised between the Turkish government and EUROSAM for a new missile programme. EUROSAM is a joint venture between MBDA Missile Systems and Thales.

More information on arms companies supplying Turkey here:

Please share this widely to get maximum involvement!

Feminist cineforum 27.10

The cineforum will start around 3.30 pm and then we have a vegan dinner. Everybody is wellcome!

You can see more about that in this event:

“Bristol Sisterhood continue with the project to screen audiovisual
material with a strong feminist content. In this ocassion:

Melmaridè (divorced in dialect) is the story of group of women from Piacenza, a small city in the north of Italy, who challenged the disdain of their families and of local institutions by joining the voices of the wider international feminist movement. They first founded a Feminist Collective and later started a public women’s health clinic and counseling centre.

Forty years later, these women find themselves different, older, but still linked by friendship and the same non-conformist spirit,
determined in their desire not to forget that experience that had
changed them forever.

Director Elisa Bozzarelli will be joining us.

After the screening, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic vegan dinner at BASE’s regular Sunday eve cafe (Suggested donation of £2.50 for dinner, £1 for pudding and 50p for drinks)”.