Bristol Queerants is a queer feminist discussion group to explore ideas about gender and sexuality.

We are having a winter social at BASE on Thu 7th Dec, 7-8.30pm. We thought that we would each bring one poem, or piece of music, or short words on a book, or a film – something that has moved or shaped us as a queer person. We each get 5 mins to read, present or play a tune, and there’s a bit of a chat about it. We thought this would be a way to bring in really personal stuff, or pleasure-based stuff, or somatic / feelings stuff into our group space.  All LGBTQIA+ welcome including if you’ve not been before.

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A peer organised meet-up to explore practical conflict navigation and support skills using discussion, role-play and other tools.

During this session, we will explore the practice of pod mapping. «A pod is made up of the people that you would call on if violence, harm or abuse happened to you; or the people that you would call on if you wanted support in taking accountability for violence, harm or abuse that you’ve done; or if you witnessed violence or if someone you care about was being violent or being abused.»

Through practical exercises and group conversations, we will also explore how this practice can support us during other life moments and transitions, such as such as loss, death, pregnancy, losing a job, losing housing or illness, etc.

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BASE Infoshop collective are heading to London this weekend for the London anarchist bookfair. We will be alongside loads of anarchist distros, activist groups and assorted trouble makers, raising funds for BASE social centre and doing our own bit of shopping for the revolution! Expect more awesome radical books and revolutionary good stuff on the shelves at BASE in the very near future! This year the bookfair is taking place across 6 venues in the East of London. There is also an afterparty that will be unrestrained and uproarious! Long live anarchy! An idea whose time has come…

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