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We have made a new booking system as part of our ongoing work on the website. With the nights drawing in, and dark times looming, there has never been a better time to make a booking at your local social centre!
Please check our new Events List page for availability, then complete the Booking Form found here: You can click on “Book a room” or the icon showing lots of people enjoying a hearty meeting!
Note: some events aren’t publicly listed, but if your event meets the BASE criteria, and a room isn’t free, we will do all we can to find an alternative space.
Email. basesocialcentre [at]

Radical Bookfair 25.09.22

BASE infoshop will be at the Exchange this Sunday alongside other radical groups and troublemakers. We think it will provide some welcome relief from weeks of enforced “mourning” and are reliably informed there will be no outpourings of grief for the ruling class or their figureheads. Instead there will be plenty of radical books, pamphlets, music, talks a bar and top notch vegan food. Come meet folks involved in local organising and carry on fighting back, for a better world together. See you there! The queen is dead. Long live anarchy!