Rest in power george floyd – FTP

We send solidarity and strength to all the people on the streets of Minneapolis and everywhere fighting back against racist, killer cops and the murderous system they protect. We will remember the killing of George Floyd and add it to our rage. Time and time again and all over the world these uniformed murderers get impunity in the courts but they will never get off so lightly on the streets. We have to make them pay.

For up to date info on the rage and revolt in Minneapolis check out Unicorn Riot, It’s Going Down twitter and facebook. Here’s a report of the uprising in Minneapolis.

And here’s an article showing clearly how it is never about “a few bad apples”. You cannot reform the police just like you cannot reform capitalism. Both are racist and murderous to the core. Both are our enemies and they both have to be destroyed.

Support Rojava, fight repression!

Solidarity with Sam and Paul Newey, who are facing “terrorism” charges for their support for Dan Newey (Paul’s son, Sam’s brother), a YPG volunteer. The YPG – People’s Protection Unit – is an antifascist organisation that along with the YPJ (Women’s Protection Unit) has defended the people of Mesopotamia from the genocidal Daesh (ISIS) and defended the revolution in the autonomous region of Rojava, northern Syria.

Another YPG volunteer, Dan Burke, is currently in prison on remand, also facing terrorism charges.

This prosecution, and the criminalisation of people who have been to support the revolution in Rojava or volunteered with the YPG/YPJ, is part of a broader repression strategy by the British state against those who are actively working towards creating a better world. The resistance to fascism, patriarchy and capitalism has growing support around the world – we won’t be intimidated by state repression and we won’t give up!