BASE Sunday Vegan Dinner and Talk on Capitalism & Environment

24th February from 6.30pm .

BASE’s regular Sunday vegan anarchist cafe is open again this Sunday with a delicious meal!

Menu this week: Armenian soup, veg lasagna, Chocolate ginger cake cake. Also selling Ginger beer to raise money for IAF (international of anarchist federations)

After the main course, our cooks from the Anarchist Federation will be giving a talk based on their pamphlet Capitalism is Killing the Earth.

We are entering uncharted territory as capitalism exerts ever-increasing pressure on the earth’s ecosystems. Left unchecked, the current fossil fuel economy will continue to wreck the climate and the burden of the resulting problems will fall disproportionately on the working class and those living in less economically developed countries.

Can capitalism reform its way into environmental sustainability? Can aware consumers buy their way out of global warming? Will the governments of the world save us from Climate Change? Learn our surprising answers (spoiler warning: no) and discuss the reasons why, and what we can do instead!

Also, on the same evening there will be a chance as usual to
browse the anarchist info shop and radical library.