Remember Anna – Keep fighting!

Our friend and comrade Anna was killed during the defense of the city of Afrin from the Turkish invasion. She was killed alongside other members of the YPJ. Sadly we don’t know their names but we remember them too for their bravery.
Anna was known to many for her compassion and dedication to making change. Her time at BASE was spent being involved in many different collectives. Prison abolition was her main passion while in Bristol but she was also an anarchist, feminist, anti-speciesist and anti-fascist. She recognised that all oppressions are interlinked and the importance of fighting all of them. Anna also recognised the importance of caring for ourselves and the people we love and she often found time to feed herself and her friends banana bread! She brought creativity and energy to all the events and actions she was involved in and was positive and full of hope. The positive effect of her actions are spread across the world and the list of people that she empowered into action seemingly limitless.

Anna will be missed so much but we will be inspired by her courage, strength and kindness. Her dedication to fighting what she called ‘the forces of evil’ will never be forgotten and we should allow her death to encourage us all to continue in the struggles she fought for and strengthen our movements.

Vegan Burger Night!!!

Hosted by Bristol A.B.C. (Anarchist Burger Crew!!)

We will be serving up tasty burgers and all the trimmings plus spicy potato wedges. The burger stampede starts at 7pm.

£5 suggested donation.

There’ll also be the chance to learn about the importance of prisoner support and write letters to people on the inside.


All money will go towards helping set up an international anarchist defence fund; a financial resource that can quickly provide money towards legal costs and and support for existing prisoners.

Solidarity with Russian anarchists and antifascists

March 18 – Act in solidarity with Russian anarchists!

Info night calling for solidarity for Russian antifascist prisoners.
After the BASE people’s kitchen & screening of the film,
“Sad But true, in the Memory of Ivan”, 7.00pm, Sunday 18.03.18.

During last months Russian secret services have arrested several
operationanarchists and related issues:antifascists in Penza and
Saint-Petersburg cities. They were accused with creation of “terrorist organization”. Arrested people were tortured with electric cables and shockers during many hours, brutally beaten without paying any care to make hard damage and visible traces of beating. Officers humiliated our arrested comrades. They tried
to force them make evidences and accusations against themselves and against each other. These true Gestapo actions of Russian FSB secret service can call only vigorous protest from every honest person who can only learn the truth about the situation. At the same time with arrests in Saint-Petersburg raids and arrests by FSB against anarchists were made in Crimea.

The international solidarity action week of February 7-12 exposed wide reaction of the libertarian movement worldwide to these terrible repressions and made huge informational effect in Russia. But it appeared to be not enough to overcome the situation. Very soon the information was published that some of arrested anarchists were again tortured and intimidated. They were demanded by FSB officers to refuse to participate in campaign of resistance against tortures and repressions. More – after solidarity actions in Russia police launched repressions against its participants. Comrades were prosecuted in Moscow and Chelyabinsk cities. Anarchists in Chelyabinsk were tortured with
electricity by police while accused with “hooliganism” (!)

It is necessary to continue and strengthen the campaign of solidarity to force Russian authorities to end tortures and political repressions.

The best day for new actions is March 18 – the day of presidential
elections in Russia. In this day ruling regime is the most vulnerable
and the eyes of the world will be turned to the situation in our

We urgently and desperately call to all anarchist, leftist, antifascist
and democratic groups and communities all over the world to organize actions of protest and resistance of any kind against tortures and repressions in Russia by the embassies, consulates and other official offices of Russian Federation in your countries.”

One may read in detail about it here:

Bristol Animal Rights Coalition meeting

Come along to our next meeting, Wednesday 7th March.

A place for members of various vegan activist groups and those wanting to get involved in activism to come together, share ideas and make plans for the future. Meeting starts at 6.45pm.