Vegan Pie ‘n’ Mash Fundraiser for Antifascist Prisoners

No Gods, no masterchefs say, “Come on down to the Kebele Community Coop on Tuesday 24th October for a delicious plate of vegan Pie ‘n’ Mash. What to expect: Creamy “chicken” and veg pie, mustard mash, seasonal greens and lashings of delicious gravy, all for just £4 a pop! Doors open from 7 and food served from 7:30pm, get there early so not to be disappointed. All profits will go towards supporting current antifascist prisoners.”

facebook event here:

Burmese punks at Kebele this Sunday!

My Buddha is Punk‘ (doc, 2015, approx 1hour) – follows Kyaw Kyaw, a 25-year-old Burmese Punk, as he obsessively tries to develop the Punk scene in Myanmar. Although the former military dictatorship has experienced a number of democratic reforms, Kyaw Kyaw remains skeptical. In his view, his country has not changed yet. Together with his Punk band ‘The Rebel Riot‘, Kyaw Kyaw raises awareness for the continuing violation of human rights. Through his music and demonstrations, he criticizes the on-going civil war and the prosecution of ethnic minorities. He travels through the country to promote his own philosophy among the young generation: A symbiosis of Buddhism and Punk that rejects any religious rules and political doctrine. But while fighting for freedom and preaching for the importance of individual autonomy, he faces the difficulty to remain true to one’s own ideals.

This superb documentary gives an insight into the situation in Myanmar (ex-Burma), a country currently in the news due to their ethnic cleansing of over 500,000 Rohingya people, a country that for over 60 years was run as a military dictatorship closed off from the outside world. To this day large parts of Myanmar remain sealed military zones as the all-powerful military continue to repress numerous ethnic minority groups such as the Shan, Karen, Wa, Mon, Chin, Kayan, and of course the Rohingya (who are not even recognised as an ethnic group by the government). Amidst the ethnic & religious hatespeech directed by the dominant Buddhist nationalists at ethnic minorities, very few dare speak out for tolerance, peace & humanity – but The Rebel Riot dare to try. See a 3 minute trailer of the film here!

Following the 4.30pm screening at Kebele social centre, there will be a Q&A with Kyaw and other members of the band. Entry free/donations welcomed.

Kebele’s Sunday Social cafe takes place from around 6/6.30pm.
From 7pm The Rebel Riot will be playing a gig at The Red Lion, 206 Whitehall Rd, Bristol BS5, with The Migraines & Skinner (early start/early finish!). All events are included in this FB event –

These Bristol events are part of a UK tour featuring The Rebel Riot, and organised by Punk Ethics – see full tour details.

Kebele AGM 26.10.17

Come and have your say in the running and direction of our longstanding anarchist social centre. In the face of the relentless pace of gentrification taking place in Easton and surrounding areas, the importance of sustaining this autonomous, not for profit space is clear. From seeking to model anarchist ways of organising and interacting to promoting anti capitalist politics, Kebele remains one of the last bastions at odds with the corporate takeover and rule of profit currently ravaging communities in Bristol and beyond. If you value Kebele and all it stands for, come to the AGM and let’s keep it alive and kicking!

Thursday 26th October.

Drinks, cake and snacks from 7.30pm. AGM starts at 8pm.

Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton. Bristol. BS56JY.

Kebele bike workshop birthday party!

Saturday 21st October at Kebele!

Dinner from 6pm. DJs and dancing from 8pm til midnight, playing a mix of dancehall, cheeze, grime and steppas dub.

Ambissinister, Sun Monkey, Krakpotkin and Dub Mark will be unleashing the sounds.

A night to celebrate the achievements and hard work of the Kebele bike workshop collective. For 20 years the bike workshop volunteers have been sharing skills and a commitment to sustainable transport. The bike workshop has always been very well used and respected by local people and continues to be as busy as ever. It is an important part of what Kebele has to offer the community and a great example of self organisation without profit or leaders. Respect to the bike workshop crew!