Evan Greer and Taina Asili- Gig Friday 19 June

As part of their Break The Chains European tour, Evan Greer and Taina 
Asili will be playing at Kebele in Bristol on Friday 19th June. With Efa Supertramp traveing from across the Severn, and Bristol based 
BeyondTheStatic rounding out this quartet of awesome music! (scroll down to listen)

We’re making dinner for you all as well ! Food served from 6.30pm, music 
kicking off at 7.30
Suggested Donations:
Vegan Dinner £2.50
Music £3/£4

If we can’t dance to radical music and eat cake its not our revolution!

TAINA ASILI (ex Anti-Product vocalist) is a US born Puerto Rican singer, 
combining powerful vocals with an energetic fusion of Afro-Latin, 
reggae, and rock. She’s been producing music with la Banda Rebelde, and 
as a duo and solo performer since 2010, and fighting the good fight for 
prisoner liberation, indigenous rights and environmental justice for 
well over a decade.
music: http://tainaasili.com/

EVAN GREER (Riot folk Collective) is a radical genderqueer singer/song 
writter from Boston, performing high energy folk that varies from 
pop-punk poetry to foot-stompin’ bluegrass singalongs! Famous for 
inspiring radicals, inciting change and campaigning tirelessly for 
social and ecological justice (from serving as a street medic at the 
anti-G8 mobilisation in Scotland to scoring major victories in the 
battle for internet freedom).

EFA SUPERTRAMP (EX The Stilletoes) is a punk folk singer from Wales. She 
has toured all over the UK and Europe, playing in protests, squats, 
street corners, living rooms, bars and festivals, with songs bridging 
the gap between uplifting and angry! She hates money, power and greed & 
loves living life as free as she can.
Music: http://afiach.bandcamp.com/

BEYONDTHESTATIC is Rich Trigg, a Bristol based singer/songwriter making 
noise in local bars and having a great time doing it. Cutting his teeth 
on the cream of the South West’s open mic circuit armed with no more 
than an acoustic guitar and an arsenal of soul bearing lyrics Trigg is 
currently preparing material for his debut EP

Big-up Yourselves Party

A thankyou party for everyone past and present who has helped to keep kebele alive and kicking for the last 20 years.

Saturday 6th June

5-6pm Kids banner making
6-8pm story sharing and party games for grownups
8-12 tunes from 1995!

Snacks, cake and drinks