Kebele Cafe and Infoshop at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

Bookfair website here.

Cafe at the Bookfair – the vegan cafe will be run once again by Kebele Cafe & friends, on the ground floor at Trinity. There will be hot/cold drinks, snacks & cake available from 11am at latest, and main meals from about 1pm, all at very affordable prices. Proceeds from the Cafe help fund the Bookfair, and also a new roof at Kebele. Hydra Bookshop also sells coffee & cake at the Radical History Zone.

If you would like to get involved with the cooking, please turn up to Kebele on the 23rd or 24th April, where food prep will be going on all day.


Kebele Solidarity Statement for Em

Emma Sheppard was recently sentenced to two years’ prison for alleged damage to police car tyres. Emma is a longstanding volunteer at Kebele Bike Workshop and is active in many other areas of radical organising. She is a well-loved comrade and friend of many people who use kebele and share our politics. Her sentence is a political move by a system that props up power while eroding personal freedom – freedom that Emma struggles fiercely to protect. Kebele reaches out in solidarity with her in this political struggle and with love in the face or her own freedom being taken. Let us take this as a reminder to continue to resist systems of domination and to support each other in this resistance.

We encourage people to write to Emma and support her through her time in jail. She may be moved during her sentence, so check the Bristol ABC website before writing. At present her address is:

Emma Sheppard
HMP Send
Ripley Road
GU23 7LJ