An Introduction to Anarchist Ideas and Politics

“Anarchy’s all about chaos and throwing bombs, right?”, “Yes, but who would take out the bins and do the dirty work?”, “But people need to be led!”, “How would you stop crime without prisons?”, “But how would we live without money?” “Humans are naturally greedy and selfish!”….blah…bluster…blah…bullshit…
IntrotoAsmallThe Dangerous Thoughts Collective presents a participatory discussion – An Introduction to Anarchist Ideas & Politics.
On Thursday 26th November at 7.30pm, at Kebele social centre.

We hear these questions and assertions all the time when the idea of anarchy is raised. It is not surprising that after so many years of systematic misrepresentation and demonisation that there is so much misunderstanding of anarchist ideas and principles. There are very good reasons why governments everywhere always have and always will try to prevent anarchist ideas from gaining popularity. Come and learn and discuss why anarchist ideas really are so dangerous. Get those questions ready!